Hello! My name is Sarah and I am a healing artist. I work with energy in a number of forms. I love to connect with this world in different mediums. Reiki,  Crystal therapy and card reading  flows into my Art. I feel honoured to work with people in this way. My own therapy and meditative practice comes into play through my art work. I feel I can switch off and let the spiritual part of me flow through without a filter.

I have been using Reiki for 4 years and Crystal Therapy for 2 years and most recently Angelic Reiki. I believe that Energy therapies can be helpful in many different parts of our life; Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This can help in different parts of our lives, from depression, physical pain, times of trauma, feeling unsure, or fears of flying etc. I love to get an appointment regularly to boost me and get myself feeling tip top.

My oracle readings help clients to gain some clarity into where they are and how they would like to make steps forward. I always read cards with love and respect for the clients before me. It can be an hour of opening a door for you, to see fully again.

I trained as a Designer 15 years ago and did not follow my heart at the time. As I tried different things over the years I felt a hole where creativity should lie. Through the energy work I finally understood what I was missing. Starting with sketchbooks and many unfinished sketches I started to draw again. A number of friends encouraged me with commissions and in the past year my colouring pencils are flowing again. Inspired by spirituality I feel the creativity hole is refilling, bringing a smile with it.

Thank you for looking over my site, please peruse the gallery and if you ever need an appointment for Reiki or a card reading, do get in touch. I would love to hear from you. x