Card Reading

I have read cards for friends since I was a teen at the school library. Wasn’t always a popular activity with the dinner ladies at my school but my interest was sparked and I dropped into my cards over the years to ask them questions and to support friends and family. I picked up the activity more seriously in my thirties, researching, practising and reading. During these years I realised that it was a wonderful tool for healing. Within these cards were beautiful messages from spirit, guiding us and lighting the way forward in positive ways. Now I hold readings for clients sometimes attaching them to healings. I always talk of card readings gathering clarity for a client, helping to see a way forward.

A single reading is usually within an hour and I hold single readings from my home in Yarnfield. If you wish to have a gathering at your own home, I ask that you have between 4-5 people ready for readings during that time. Happy to travel up to half an hour from my home for a card gathering.

Cost per reading £25

Gift Vouchers also available.