This is my work and with my work I bare my soul. This I believe is why I had to be in my thirties before I would follow my creative path. I had to be at my strongest, ready to show my inside. Sometimes I create for days other times I stop and focus on other things. This is how I work and I find it is a relief since I started back 3 years ago.
In my teens I was at art college, some of my work was based around Angels. I have always found angels fascinating and played around with their images over the years. Other subjects that interest me are nature and the seasons. I love spiritual subjects and integrating them into my work.
Some of my work is hung around my living space and healing room. I hope that others find my images healing too.

If you wish to purchase any of my work or prints do please click on the etsy link on this website. It will take you straight to my shop.