Letting go to the Divine, oh and Christmas!

I am one of those Hippies that still buys into Christmas! I love the buzz and excitement of the season, the meetings with friends and family and I love Christmas lights. At the same time I will hold my hands up and admit that it is tiring and totally at the wrong time of year. Winter, a time of year that we traditionally hibernated and settled down in our villages to eat what we had stored. How funny that we then decide to eat food for about a week in one day! Winter solstice was last week and is a big celebration for welcoming the light back, a time to look at the light when we are shrouded in dark. A time to listen inwards. So here I am writing this the day after boxing day wondering what all the fuss was about. Why do we keep ourselves so busy at this time of traditional stillness?

I have been recently introduced to a book called ‘Change Me Prayers’ by Tosha Silver. This is her second book and I thoroughly loved her first. This book I picked up today after sitting on my bed side for about 3 weeks, I finally felt that my head could read today. I was not expecting to be reading through tears this morning. Emotional, healing tears. It has put all of Christmas into view for me today. Tosha talks in both of her books about letting the Divine take control of your life, something that at times can be very hard to do. Especially at Christmas time when the whirlwind of consumerism and the ego can so easily carry you (I found myself losing my temper on Christmas day after putting a box together and accidently punching myself in the face! the box flew across the room!). After loosing my temper I needed to take a few deep breaths, think about why I was doing the day and bring myself back round. After all we are celebrating a small child entering the world that then became so big in so many peoples lives (if only during Christmas time). Reading Tosha’s book I realised that I could of said a prayer after losing my temper. A change me prayer. ‘Change me god so that I can cope with all the stressful bits of Christmas day, so that I can enjoy the company of all the wonderful people that sit at my table today. Change me so that all my words I speak come from a loving place and are clear and true.’ This said I did enjoy the day! It was a full, crazy, beautiful day that went well. Really what more could you ask for? (maybe one thing, my potatoes could be crisper! lol)

So why have I put these two together today? Well I have started to question why Christmas lands at this time of year? I believe it is to help us to see and review the year. Sitting around the table with all the folk involved with my daily life helps me to review where we all are. The days of quiet after Christmas let me ask the question ‘what was all the fuss about? Family, friends and community for me. And that’s why I love Christmas. And maybe why the divine put it there in the first place?

Hope all those that celebrate Christmas had a fabulous time (if not much love your way) and may I be one of the first to say ‘here’s to a wonderful New Year’!

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