The Beginning

Hello folks and welcome to my blog!

This is my first ever blog post and I never thought I would be the type. For starters I always add to many exclamation marks!! Secondly I prefer to draw rather than write. This said I decided to give blogging a good go. My first issue was to think about what to write. My mind has always shot off in different directions and its hard to tie it down into writing about one clearly. So here it goes!

I have been looking after my Mums dog this week and took a walk this morning locally at a place called ‘The Downs Banks’. I wanted to take the dogs somewhere they could have a good run and smell. Its a lovely spot and I really enjoyed walking though the trees and next to the winding river. The leaves were thick on the floor and the recent weather meant the ground was still a bit muddy. But the sun was peaking through a bit and there was a wonderful cool Autumn breeze. I love moments like this when I can watch the shapes the trees make or the way the river winds beautifully round the roots of the trees making a snake path. I had one old dog by my heels as usual and my Mums dog doing three times the walk I was. Backwards, forwards, up and down the bank. Watching the dogs today it has come to me that sometimes we need to step out of the usual walk to see things differently.

 I have been struggling with meditating this week (not helped by my cold and lack of motivation!) and have been ploughing on hoping that I would have a break through with it. So when switching off the light last night I asked  the angels to help me have a lift with the spiritual stuff that has been weighing me down. I love how it always comes in a way that I don’t expect. What a relief this morning on my walk! It finally dawned on me to just stop, breathe, watch and admire the place. I laughed at the dogs doing there usual dog stuff but smiling at the way they quickly open up on this land, ready to enjoy what the walk brings. It also brings me back to a interview I have been listening too recently with Sharon Mclane where she says ‘The Grandmothers say everywhere is sacred’. On my walk I felt this feeling of sacred, looking round at this beautiful land. So when I feel like I am struggling again I will remember to stop, breathe and admire where I am, wherever that may be, as everywhere is sacred.

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