What to do when the cards say No! 

I have been reading tarot and oracle cards for many years now. To start with I was drawn in by the images and symbols. As a pre teen thinking that a deck of tarot held so many secrets really interested me. As an adult (or so I sometimes believe! ) I believe that they do not hold secrets but give us guidance with the bits that are already in our lives. Just like putting on glasses when everything seemed so fuzzy for a bit. 

So I start my story with a card I picked at the beginning of the week from a deck of cards I keep on my dressing table, so that I can pick a card when a question pops in my head or I need a bit of guidance that day. I wanted a bit of guidance for the day and maybe the week. I was looking for a boost and a message saying everything will be fine. That was not quite what I got that morning. I had the answer to the question is no! And then a bunch of other words that I was in no mood to read! Something about free will  and responsibility. No words I wanted to hear or expected. 

I moved through the week thinking that this no carried through everything. Left me feeling deflated and drained. I was looking forward to a healing appointment which was this week and thought maybe this could shine light on where I am going with things and why NO!  Well this healing appointment is tomorrow and my beautiful littlest is poorly on the sofa. I was thinking another no! After phoning the lovely lady I had the appointment with to let her know I may not make it tomorrow I was then shown why a no and why I value the lovely lady so much!

After the conversation with said lady I sat down and thought I need to let others know about the difficult messages we receive at times. The affirmations that make us look in our souls, the cards that lift layers off us but leave us raw. I believe some of the hardest things I have heard have healed me most. I had forgotten also the ideas I had as a preteen with my cards, the secrets they hold! When we stop looking inwards at self we hold secrets from ourselves. No positive affirmation or rosy card was going to snap me out of my January feeling. But a slap in the face with a No card might! What else have I learned? Read the whole card Sarah! I pulled the card back out of the pack it mentions free will and responsibilities for the choices I make, also to follow my heart. I realise I need to do the work and keep following what I love but it’s not a straight smooth road. Sometimes it’s a No for now or today, and I have got to take on the chin, keep smiling and move forward to what I dream long term. Also there is nothing wrong with stopping and pausing for a moment, even if it is to mop up sick and cuddle little beautiful faces. In fact definitely to do that! 

Much love folk and here is to next week of yes! Xx

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